We've wanted to plant our second summer garden for two weekends in a row but we've been rained out each weekend.  I sit here writing this through another thunderstorm.  Even though it sounds like I'm complaining, I really am thankful for the rain.  Our bamboo, elephant ears, sugar cane and other plants really have enjoyed the rainy weather.

The gourds I planted in the garden have taken over.  I have apple and goose gourds growing in every knook and cranny.  This is a sore subject between me and Jason as he told me not to plant my gourds in the garden.  Of course I didn't listen.  So we have to make the garden a bit bigger to hold my second crop of squash.  Ooops!  Maybe I will be able to sell some gourds this fall and redeem myself.

Unfortunately a possum got into our chicken pen and ate our baby chicks.  He/She also tore a big enough hole to let all the adult chickens out the next morning.  We and the neighbors have had chickens running around the yard for three weeks.  Thankfully our neighbors like to watch them peck and scratch.  If the rain passes, we will at least get that fixed this weekend.

I am still very interested in the idea of aquaponics.  I think at this time of the year I need to focus on getting a greenhouse up first.  Then we can dedicate one section of it to a tank, table and plants for a early spring aquaponics system.  I hope to spend the winter looking for the supplies I need at the lowest cost (free).  I did find an excellent video on youtube that shows the exact greenhouse I want.  It is a combination of 2X4's, 2x6'S, and PVC.  We will update as we go and hopefully those updates will come soon!