5 Gallon Bucket GardenRecently we've been watching videos on you tube about bucket gardening.  This really interests us here at the yardstead for spring, fall and winter gardening.  There seems to be many reasons for trying it.  When gardening in an urban environment, space is a real issue.  5 gallon buckets can be filled with soil and used to line a small walkway or side yard.  Also 5 gallon buckest can be clustered together and covered easily during cold spells.  We also think that this will help keep some of our vegetable plants protected from pests.

It is fall here in Florida.  The temperatures have been relatively warm.  I plan to use some 5 gallon buckets that I have to plant a second crop of potatoes.  This seems like an easy way to get some fresh new potatoes before it is too cold.  Also when the potatoes are ready, we can dump the buckets into our wheel barrow and just pick the potatoes out.  The left over soil and plant can be thrown directly into the compost pile.