We've had a busy week here at the yardstead.  The chicks that got soaked last Saturday are doing fine.  The baby chicks were back outside that same night, with a small shelter in case it rains again.  Unfortunately we've only had a couple of small drizzles since last saturday, so I will probably have to water the garden in the morning.  With the little bit of rainfall we've had though, I've only had to water the garden about once a week.  All the vegetables are thriving and I will probably get some current pictures posted in the gallery tommorrow.  I did manage to add a video of the buff orpington ducklings swimming and diving in their kiddie pool.  I have some more duckling videos to post tomorrow also. 
We have some blooms on the zuchinni plants in the garden.  Some tomatoes and some cucumbers are flowering also.  I am really happy so far with the .......

heavy layer of mulch in the garden.   Very few weeds have popped up and so far the garden has required no maintainance other than watering.  The garden has required less water also, because it stays moist underneath the mulch for several days after rain or watering.  The cucumber plants are sending out tendrils now, so I started training them up the string trellis by wrapping the tendrils a round the bottom string.  They are holding on tight so I will continue to train them along the string and up to the next string as the vines get longer.

I started a pen for the duckling this week also and they have been living in it since monday.  I need one more roll of  1' poultry net to finish the pen, but it is secure for now.  Maybe I can finish it tomorrow.