Our spring garden is growing up nicely and It looks like we will harvest some zucchini this weekend.  One of our favorite things here at the yardstead is fresh spring produce, and it looks like we will have a bountiful harvest this year.  Some of the yellow squash should be ready next week as well as some tomatoes.  Our onions that we planted last fall are almost ready to harvest, and we have picked a few lately for cooking.  They are very sweet and have an excellent flavor.  We harvest the rest of them when the tops turn brown and fall over.   We still have a few vacant spots in the garden, but K has started some seeds and we will tranfer the seedling to the garden soon.  Staggering the planting allows us to have a continuous harvest of fresh produce throughout the spring and into the summer.
I have a couple of projects underway which I will cover in upcoming articles.  This weekend I am helping a friend roof his house with metal roofing.  I will have lots of pictures of the project in progress.  The installation method we are using is similar to the method used to install metal roofing on a pole barn........


I also plan to post an article about building pole barns.  I built our pole barn here at the yardstead about 2 years ago, so I hope I can still find the pictures.  I hope to have the metal roofing article and the pole barn article posted by next weekend.
Our buff orpington duckling are growing remarkably fast and are starting to get some of their buff colored feathers on their wings and thighs.  They all look very similar now, but son we will be able to identify the male buff orpington ducklings by their brown heads.   Their peep, peep, peeps are starting to sound a bit like quacks.  They are very cute and enjoy swimming and diving in their kiddi pool.  The chcks are growing fast as well and are living in the main chicken pen with the adult hens.  They get along well with the hens, but have a small pen with a small opening that they can retreat into whenever they get chased away from the food by the hens.   All of hens are laying thanks to the ample sunshine and we always have plenty of fresh eggs which we share with our friends and neighbors. 
Well its back to work for me, but check back soon for the metal roofing article as well as the pole barn article.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free as always to post them in the forum.