Believe it or not we have 10 more baby chickens.  When we ordered our first round of chicks this spring we ordered a rooster.  I believe I've already written about his untimely demise.  Our local farm store had buff orpington chicks that were purchased for another customer this week.  He never came to get them.  So they had mixed 6 roosters with 24 hens and didn't know which was which anymore.  So I convinced Jason that if we took 10...we have a good chance of getting one of the six roosters.  Wish us luck.  We may have all 6...anyone want a rooster too?

Turkey Hill Farm is having it's first Tomato Feastival on June 15th.  We are excited to go and meet some of the local farmers and slow food members in our area.  Jason and I have joined slow food Tallahassee.  Even though it is too far for us to go to every event, we are excited about attending a few events and getting to know more people in our area that are interested in the same things.

The garden looks great and is producing more squash and zucchini than we can eat.  We are putting up quite a bit of squash in the freezer this year.  I will try to get to adding some articles about food storage soon.  The winter melon seed arrived and we have planted a few in a pot.  I will be writing an article soon about this unique asian vegetable.  Stay tuned...there is more to come from the yardstead!