We love squash here at the yardstead.  We grow several different types of squash each season, but one type we always grow in the spring is Pattypan squash.  Pattypan squash is sometimes called "scallop squash" due to its scalloped edges or "custard squash" due to its sweet taste and creamy flesh.  We have only grown the yellow variety here, but there are also green and white varieties available.  
They pattypan squash is a flat round squash with scalloped edges.  The fruits are usually harvested before they reach 4 inches in diameter, while they are still very tender.   Pattypan squash  is sometimes prepared by scooping the tender flesh out of the shell combining it with other ingredients such as garlic and returning the mixture to the shell for baking and serving.  This is my favorite way to prepare and eat pattypans, but they can also be grilled or shredded and added to other recipes. 
They plants are vigorous and easy to grow with about 50 days from planting to blooming.  They should be planted in the spring after the soil temperature is above 62F.  The seeds may rot if the soil temperature is below this level.  We always start our first pattypans in the early spring with a second round starting about 3 weeks later to stagger our harvest a bit.  We usually have fresh pattypans all through the summer.  I usually harvest our squash.....

at about 3 inches in diameter.  This requires regular harvesting at least 2 or 3 times a week or the squash can grow too large.  When the squash gets larger than 4 inches they become a little tougher and not quite as tasty in my opinion. 
The variety we have grown for the last few seasons is called "sunburst" which are bright yellow and very tasty.  We start our pattypan plants from seed in pots, then transfer them to the garden after a few weeks.  If you have never grown or eaten them before, I hope this article inspires you to give a try.  If you have questions, comments or suggestions (like pattypan recipes) feel free to post in the vegetable gardening forum.  We would love to hear from you!