Well it's been a while since I've had time for much.  The yardstead has a new member.  He's 9 weeks old now and very sweet and keeping us very busy.

Our garden is winding down for the summer.  The chickens ate the last of the watermelons that we didn't harvest and most of the tomatoes too.  We are planning our fall and winter garden now.  In Florida, you can get a second harvest of some vegetables in the fall before the winter gardening season.  We have been so busy with the baby we decided to skip a second harvest of squash and beans and other vegetables.  In another month we will start preparing to plant garlic, onions and other winter items.

The new chickens are beginning to lay eggs.  The ducks have gotten so big that we are wondering if four ducks on our half acre was a wise decision.  They seem to be enjoying themselves just fine...but we often find "duck residue" in places I prefer they not go to the restroom.  Our three turkeys are bigger than ever and brave too.  They are not the least bit afraid of us and really give the cats a run for their money.  It seems turkeys like cat food as much as the cats do.

As I am writing this, tropical storm Fay has rolled in and I believe we have 15-20 inches of rain to look forward to.  I never complain about rain...but 15 inches is a bit much at once.  Stay tuned and look for more articles to come in the next month.  If you are in Florida right now...try to stay dry.