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Featured Community Garden - Portland Oregon

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   Portland Community Garden  Portland Oregon has one of the premier Community Garden programs in the country.  They offer garden plots to residents for a small fee, and donate fresh garden produce to local agencies to feed the hungry.  They encourage good healty gardening practices such as organic gardening, healthy soil building practices, composting, cover cropping, and sustainability.  The program also encourages positive social practices such as community involvement and intergenerational cooperation.  Portland currently has 32 community gardens throughout the city with more coming in the future.
     The Portland Community Gardens program has provided gardening opportunities for the physical and social benefit of the people and neighborhoods since 1975.  The 32 locations are scattered among many Portland neighborhoods.  Volunteer garden managers........

......are available to help at each site where neighbors, civic groups, PP&R staff, and the Friends of Portland Community Gardens work side-by-side. Community gardeners care for their individual plots and it is also common for gardeners to work together and share labor and advice. 
     The Portland Community Gardens program also has several Demonstration Sites set up for community members interested in learning sustainable gardening practices and other skills.  Among the demo sites are a small fruit demonstration set up at the Brentwood Garden with an orchard demostration site set up at the Gabriel Garden.  A demos ite is set up for composting at the Fulton Garden and a demo wildlife habitiat can be seen at several of the community gardens.  The Community Gardens program also co-sponsors an after-school and in-school gardening program, in conjuction with Friends of Portland Community Gardens. 

     Plots are offered to the community at the following rates:
Full garden plot - $75 + $10 deposit
Half garden plot - $38 + $10 deposit
Raised bed garden plot - $20, no deposit.


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