Posted by:Andie Wommack, Douglas County Extension Earlier in the season, I gave you some things to consider when doing landscape work.One thing many people tend to do is place their plants too close together.When planning out your landscape it is important to consider the size your plants will be at maturity.There are several websites that have landscape plans for you to use in your
Posted by:Yvette Henson, CSU Extension, San Miguel Basin Most people with grandchildren will tell you how much joy their grandkids bring into their lives and how much fun it is to experience life anew with their littles.  I have realized over the last few years the positive impact grandparents can make in the lives of their grandchildren.  I can’t count the times I have heard someone

Tree Seeds of Fall

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Posted by:Alison O'Connor, Larimer County Extension The end of August and early September can be pretty "blah"in the garden.While we're harvesting zucchini and tomatoes up the wazoo, the perennials and shrubs are looking tired.That is, until we start seeing some fall color.But the tree seeds have been growing all year and will soon be fully mature.They are beautiful in their own right and
Posted by Mary Small State Colorado Master Gardener Coordinator I went to the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Festival in Esters Park this past weekend.So colorful!And so many tartan patterns identifying the different clans.My mind wandered.Instead of thinking about my ancestry, it hit me that clan tartans are similar to some classifications in the plant disease world.Patterns of damage help
One of the best reasons to grow native plants is that they do more to provide ecosystem services than non-native plants.  With pollinators and birds in decline, it’s a great way to help.While everyone remembers from basic science classes that plants are at the bottom of the food chain, it is important to realize that some plants pull more weight than others.   For starters, many non-native
Cassey Anderson- CSU Extension Adams County I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to spend a week in Madison while attending the National Master Gardener Coordinators conference.They left us time to wander freely in the evenings and one evening a group of us took the chance to visit the Olbrich Botanical Gardens.While being "serenaded"with music from a rambunctious kid’s concert we
 By:Sherie Caffey, Horticulture Agent, CSU Extension-Pueblo County Due to my current state, I have done a lot of research this year on the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy.While looking at a long list of don’ts one day this spring, I saw something I never considered and did not want to see, pregnant women shouldn’t garden!?That was not good news.However, being someone who loves to see the
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