Wood-rotting organisms can slowly nibble away at tree trunks and buttress roots. Many trees that topple look
This year, farmers from 13 Southeastern states competed to show off their farm's best hay or baleage in the
The University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences' outreach at the Sunbelt Agricultural
It is the time of year for visiting pumpkin patches, fall festivals and Christmas tree farms. Many of these
Beyond pecans, a commodity originating in Georgia's pecan orchards is exciting growers and chefs alike:
Every summer, the staff of the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia raises hundreds of varieties of new
The Future Farmstead, a model home for energy-efficient housing, was on display Wednesday, Oct. 14, as part of
A tiny fly is having a huge impact on American fruit farmers. Known as spotted wing drosophila, the insect…
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