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Saturday, 12 April 2008 12:07

Raising Ducks at the Yardstead

 Raising ducks at the yardstead is a very new venture. We've only had our ducklings for one week now. But, I've spent the last six months reading about ducks. We have talked about having a few at the yardstead for quite some time now. In writing about the experience of having ducks for the first time, I thought I should include some background information on duck production and on brooding baby ducklings too.

Each year about 22 million ducks are raised in the United States. These ducks are usually produced under confinement on specialized duck farms in a few commercial duck production areas of the U.S for meat production. There are still a lot of small farms and a few hobby owners that raise ducks for family use or to sell locally. With ducks it seems there is no such thing as either a meat bird or a laying bird...as there is with chickens. The commercial duck industry produces mostly the Pekin breed. Pekins reach market weight early and are fairly good egg producers, but they are poor setters and seldom raise a brood.