An update on wet conditions, weeds in turf, eastern tent caterpillar and rusts in conifers.
Warm temperatures and excessive rainfall have turfgrass growth surging.
Vegetables and fruit can provide calcium and gardening offers sunlight to help your body absorb it.
Winter injury on many different plants is visible, and gypsy moth, white pine weevil adults, ticks, stink bugs and…
Spring time reveals damage from a boxwood pest that was active late last summer.
Lilacs are a favorite shrub because of their flowers and fragrance. Cultivars of several Asian species rebloom, are resistant…
Dandelions, violets and ivy, oh my! Many weeds are currently flowering in turfgrass, but not all require control.
Warmer temperatures in May have resulted in rapid turf growth and seedheads are now appearing in lawns.
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