Re:Raising Rabbits for Meat

Written by LunaticFringeInc
I have raised them in the past with mediocre results in FFA as a secondary Ag project. I attribute my lack luster results to just being a bit young and not as dedicated as I should have been. After "inheriting" a baby rescue Cotton Tail rabbit, I am about to embark on another such project this spring, although it will be a very small scale project. I will be looking to get just a couple of litters and will mainly be keeping them more for thier manure for the garden, which is really awesome. One of the biggest problems I have found is that most cages are too small unless you build your own or your raising dwarf breeds. They are a pretty low maintenance animal that can be kept if you got much of a back yard at all. They are quiet and if you compost thier manure for the garden or flower bed instead of letting it pile up under the hutch, will keep oders from developing. I kept a trio of New Zealand Does and one buck in seperate cages. When I had a litter of rabbits once weened, I would keep them in a 4 x 8 feet pen until about 3 months of age before moving them to the freezer.
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