Goats on the Loose

Written by jason
Our neighbor a couple of blocks away keeps 2 goats in their backyard. Goats have a reputation for being escape artists and these two are no exception. Lately they have escaped several times and ventured over to our neighbor's house across the street to eat her beautiful flower blossoms. I have been over e few times to capture the goats and return them to the fence. As I returned home the other day I saw the goats over near our garden so i rushed over and found them eating my sugar snap peas! I led them back over to their the home and returned them to their yard. The neighbor was out later that day repairing the fence where they had been able to climb over. We took some pictures of the goats and you can see theme [url=http://yardstead.com/index.php?option=com_phocagallery&view=category&id=9:livestock&Itemid=88]here in the gallery[/url]. Im not sure what breed they are but Kathleen knows and she or I will post the info here shortly. I will also be commenting the goat pictures in the gallery as soon as I have some time.;)
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